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Many city dwellers continue to use the car for their daily commute, despite its undeniable environmental, health and financial impacts. While alternatives such as car-sharing, car-pooling and electric cars are being adopted by some, electric bikes and electric scooters have gained in popularity and now occupy an important place in the urban mobility market. In 2022, electric bikes captured a market share of 28%, with 738,000 units sold, while electric scooters recorded 759,000 units sold. This significant year-on-year growth of 12% highlights the rapid expansion of these sustainable means of transport in our cities. Users are increasingly attracted by the advantages of comfort and practicality, technological advances, and a growing awareness of the importance of the environment. In the face of this rapid expansion, the crucial question of safety remains a priority. By developing a full-face helmet specifically designed for its users, Virgo Move is committed to offering optimum protection by fully covering the head and jaw. This approach significantly reduces the risk of serious injury in the event of a fall or collision during urban travel. In addition to ensuring the personal safety of users, wearing a full-face helmet contributes to the protection of the environment.
Jean-Baptiste PETRICOUL, co-fondateur de la marque VIRGOMOVE.

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