Why we create Virgo.

With the boom in soft mobility and access to ever faster bikes, the idea of designing a full-face helmet adapted to these new vehicles became a priority for us. Offering wider protection and full face coverage, the Virgo Move helmet will accompany you wherever you go. Take to the road with complete peace of mind !


The right protection for all your rides

10 years ago, Jean-Baptiste Petricoul began working on sketches of a hybrid bicycle helmet. As a cycling enthusiast, the idea of providing optimum, comfortable protection for cyclists became a fixed idea for him.

From the first drawings to the 3D technical project, the Virgo Move helmet was finally developed, and today offers you a lightweight, optimal solution for your future travels.

Between 2019 & 2022.

Increase in sales of electric bicycles in France.


of French people use soft mobility on a daily basis.

1 500 000

electric vehicles, scooters and bicycles, sold in 2021 in France.


of cyclists in Europe wear a helmet during daily rides.


To offer cyclists total protection

Cycling helmets are designed to meet opposing needs: protection while being as light as possible.

The addition of a face chin bar provides better protection for the entire face, an innovation for amateur cyclists looking for safety rather than performance !


A complete protection in a minimal format.

By keeping the headband over the face in the event of a facial impact, we avoid injuries caused by the helmet moving over the head, which tends to move backwards, leaving the face uncovered on impact with the ground.protective surface to avoid facial injuries.


Our values and vision for the future.

Our commitment goes beyond protection. We want to help promote and use eco-friendly mobility. We are committed to promoting safe cycling and encouraging more people to use their bikes for their daily commute.

By working with road safety stakeholders, our aim is to reassure road users and encourage them to change their travel habits.