How heavy is VIRGO Helmet?

The VIRGO helmet weighs 650-700 grams when the visor and tail light are attached.

In comparison, conventional urban helmets weigh between 400 and 550 grams. And for full-face helmets used for mountain biking, the weight ranges from 750 grams to over 1kg.

The VIRGO helmet creates a new category, positioned between these two markets and offering the best of both by combining the lightness and comfort of open face helmets with the full protection of full face helmets.

Does VIRGO stay motionless on the head during the rides?

As with all full-face helmets, inertia is more important than with open face helmets. That's why most full-face helmets use foam around the cheeks to keep the helmet in position on the head. Doing so prevents the helmet from shaking while riding but results in a product that feels bulky and stuffy.

To achieve a better compromise, we reduced the amount of foam on the sides to place these pieces only in two places around the ears. That way, the head stays in the helmet without feeling suffocated. The rear adjustment system is used in addition to keep the back of the helmet as close to the user's head as possible. The combination of the two ensures a good fit while riding.

Does VIRGO is usable in hot and cold weather conditions?

Like all bicycle helmets, the VIRGO helmet feels warm when placed on the head. This feeling is counterbalanced by the speed of the air while riding. In hot conditions, the helmet is designed to minimize the contact areas between the head and the helmet. This allows heat to escape and air to cool the head.

In cold conditions, the wide back of the helmet protects the head from cool air. In addition, a pair of removable earmuffs can be attached to the straps to add extra protection to the ears while riding.


Does front visor is dangerous for eyes in case of crash?

No, the visor of the VIRGO helmet is an acrylic mirror, not glass. It does not break easily in case of impact and does not cause micro-debris.

The front visor is made in polycarbonate. Both safety and sports eyewear use polycarbonate for their lenses. This is because polycarbonate lenses have the best impact protection overall and are safe for eye in case of shock.


Is VIRGO safe?

For any cyclist, a helmet is an essential piece of kit, and when the nights get longer and you need to get around in the dark, or rainy conditions, it is important to be visible. VIRGO has powerful rear lights to ensure you get noticed from every angle. This light is much more visible to drivers and cannot be obstructed by a bag or clothing.

Made of an ABS hard-shell with a protective liner of EPS. A combination of protection and lightness to keep up with your efforts without compromising your safety, look or performance. It complies with the main international safety certifications: CPSC & EN1078 as well as the new regulation on electric bikes NTA-8776 which offers a better protection to speedbikes users.

As an optional add-on, we have also added the MIPS system, which improves impact absorption on rotational collisions.

What is NTA-8776 (speed pedelec) certification?

With e-bikes safety is elevated to the next level because an e-bike can more easily sustain higher speeds than a traditional non-assisted bike, some even capable of electrically assisting speeds of up to 45 km/h (27.9 mph).

With e-bikes reaching higher speeds it is important to have a helmet rated for rider protection against potentially greater impact forces and with broader coverage of the head, and this is where NTA-8776 comes into play.

An NTA-8776 helmet is a helmet that complies with the requirements in the Dutch Technical Agreement (NTA) 8776. These requirements have been drafted by an international project group under the management of NEN. This helmet looks like a bicycle helmet, but protects against higher impact speeds and covers a larger part of the head. It combines an ABS hard-shell with an EPS Liner for optimal impact protection all around the head.

Why put lights on a helmet?

For any cyclist, a helmet is an essential item, and when the nights get longer and you have to ride in the dark or in the rain, it is important to be visible. Placed on the back of the head, this light is much more visible to drivers and cannot be obstructed by a bag or clothing.

How can I activate the brake light?

The rear light incorporates an accelerometer. When it detects a substantial decrease in your speed, it automatically turns on the brake light on the back of the helmet.

Are the lights visible during the daytime?

When it comes to cars, lights can be important for safety during the day. The VIRGO's tail light is powerful enough to still be visible during the day rides by drivers.

What is Mips?

Mips is a safety system that enhances helmet safety in many accidents. For certain impacts, the Mips system can reduce harmful rotational motion that might otherwise be transferred to the user's head.

The Mips system consists of a low friction layer mounted inside the helmet. In the event of a crash, the low friction layer is designed to move slightly inside the helmet to redirect forces away from the head. This system is designed to reduce the risk of brain injury.

To learn more about Mips, click here !


What colors does VIRGO come in?

VIRGO comes in four different colors:

  • Carbon Black. Fits with neutral & elegant outfits for work days.
  • Warm Sand. Fits latest fashion trends with natural colours.
  • Pure White. Fits an elegant & basic vision of casual style.
  • Midnight Blue. Fits modern & refined outfits for everyday life.

Does VIRGO have a ventilation system?

The VIRGO has several external vents that conduct cool air into the helmet for added comfort during exercise. Five vents are placed in the front and four in the back to draw air away from the head for maximum breathability.

What's the design process?

The design process for VIRGO took several years. The basic idea was to find the right compromise between a full face helmet and a lightweight helmet.

Dozens of different versions were made to find the best compromise. Working with a team of engineers, the design evolved to meet the standards and pass the crash tests. The ergonomic work also greatly influenced the final result to offer a safe and comfortable product.

To offer a helmet adapted to different customers, we worked on several colors, following the latest fashion trends and thus offering helmet styles close to the users' clothes.


What is the lifespan on the battery?

The life of a light battery is not measured in time, but in full charge cycles. The battery life of the VIRGO tail light is estimated at 500 cycles. Depending on how often you charge it, it will give between 3 and 6 years of use.

What is the capacity of VIRGO rear light battery?

The VIRGO is equipped with a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery of 400 mAh, which is fully charged in about 2 hours.

Once charged, it can last 4 to 10 hours of continuous use (in night detection and braking mode). In reality, this should allow most users to charge it once a week. When the headset is turned off, the passive battery consumption is close to zero.

Is the battery replaceable?

The VIRGO tail light battery is not replaceable. This would require an accessible battery box that would present a sealing hazard (accessible electronics).

The VIRGO tail light can be purchased separately if needed.

Is VIRGO tail light waterproof?

Yes. The VIRGO tail light is IP67 Rated waterproof.


What's my size?

VIRGO comes in four different sizes, XS, S, M and L.

How to know your size?

Measure the circumference of your head 1 cm above the eyebrows with a tape. If the dimension is between 48 and 56 cm, you can wear size XS/S. If the size is between 56 and 62 cm, you can wear size M/L.

Please note that all VIRGO sizes have a back adjustment system that can help you get a perfect and comfortable fit.

Does VIRGO fit all head shapes?

We designed the inside of VIRGO to be adapted to different head shapes.

In any case, the rear fitting system, which is flexible, should be able to reach the good fit. VIRGO also comes with different sizes of padding, which will help you improve the fit while riding.

Is the shell the same for VIRGO & VIRGO Mips?

The ABS outer shell and EPS inner lining are identical on both versions. The difference with the integration of the MIPS system is made up for with thinner padding to achieve the same fit on both versions.